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Managing the unexpected
If your vehicle breaks down, has a flat battery or tyre, or the keys are locked inside, Lantern Insurance can help with NZI Roadside Assist.
NZI Roadside Assist is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our nationwide service means you can travel knowing that if the unexpected happens, help is on hand.
To find out how you can add Roadside Assist to your policy, call us on 0800 800 800.
Benefits of NZI Roadside Assist
For as little as $27.60 a year, with NZI Roadside Assist you’ll be covered for:
Call outs
NZI Roadside Assist covers the vehicle, rather than just covering a vehicle owner or driver. You’ll receive six call outs a year.
Flat tyre
If you’re having trouble fixing a flat tyre, we’ll come out and fit your spare tyre .
If your vehicle won’t start or breaks down due to a mechanical or electrical fault, we’ll be there to help you. We’ll assess the problem and endeavour to get your vehicle going on the spot. If for some reason we can’t, we’ll tow it to the nearest service garage.
Locked out
If you find your keys locked in your vehicle, we’ll come out and help get you back in your vehicle.
Flat battery
If your battery is flat, we’ll come out and jump start your battery to get you back on the road.
Run out of fuel
Should your vehicle run out of petrol or diesel, we’ll bring you 5 litres of free petrol or diesel.

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