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Echelon cover provides

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    With Echelon cover you’re insured for sudden accidental damage or loss to your boat, anywhere in New Zealand.

    If you need to make a claim for damage to your boat that’s repairable, we’ll either arrange to repair it or we’ll pay you the cost of the repairs once they’re determined by our assessor.

    If your boat is damaged or lost and it’s not economic to repair or salvage it, we’ll either pay you the sum you insured the boat for or, if the damage occurred within 3 years of you purchasing the boat new, we may replace it as long as the same model is available in New Zealand and it costs no more than $1,000,000.

  • If your boat suffers a mechanical or electrical failure while it is afloat, we’ll pay up to $2000 to have it towed to the nearest place of repair.

    We’ll also cover the cost, up to the sum insured, of salvaging your boat and transporting it to the nearest place of repair following a loss covered by the policy.

  • We’ll pay the reasonable costs incurred by you (up to 25% of the sum insured and no excess applies) in trying to prevent or minimise imminent damage to your boat, as well as the cost of replacing flares and fire extinguishers.

  • Our Echelon boat cover provides up to $10,000 present value cover for personal effects such as clothing, watches, cameras and binoculars (but not jewellery, money or documents) while they’re onboard your boat.

  • We provide up to $5,000,000 cover for your personal liability and defence costs for accidental damage to someone else’s property or accidental injury to someone else while you’re using your boat, except while it’s being towed by any vehicle. This cover extends to any person using your boat provided they have your permission and they’re not covered by any other insurance, and they meet the same terms of the policy as you.

  • The wide range of benefits provided by Echelon cover also includes rescue, temporary accommodation and transport costs for you and your family following a loss to your boat that you’re claiming for, and up to $5000 towards the cost of treatment for injuries anyone receives onboard your boat.

    The above information is intended as a guide only. Maximum limits and certain exclusions do apply

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